Wednesday, September 27, 2023 at 11:00 AM
in the Conformation Ring

The 2023 Blue Ridge Stakes

  • A revolutionarily designed competition with additional Winners
  • Over $10,000 in cash prizes
  • Nine Judges
  • Distinctive trophies for all the Winners
  • Every exhibitor receives a commemorative garment


A conformation competition is open to all AKC registered Saint Bernards between the ages of 6 months and under 18 months on the day of the event. Classes will be divided by age and sex. There are no restrictions concerning any titles earned by the entries prior to the event. Professional handlers are welcome to participate.

6 to 9 months
9 to 12 months
12 to 15 months
15 to 18 months
Classes divided by sex

First in every class Best 6 to 9 months in Stakes
Best 9 to 12 months in Stakes
Best Junior in Stakes

Best 12 to 15 months in Stakes
Best 15 to 18 months in Stakes
Best Senior in Stakes


  Judges selected are noted individuals with experience breeding, handling, or judging the Saint Bernard Breed. The names of the individuals chosen to judge this prestigious event will not be published prior to the closing of the entries for this event. There will be a different Judge for each of the preliminary classes. The Best in Stakes Judge will only officiate in the final class.

Prizes and Awards:
1. Each entry will receive a commemorative garment.
2. Rosettes awarded to each winner
3. Special Stakes Designed trophy for each winner designating the award
4. An appropriate cash award for each win, increasing with the award’s significance.

Entry Procedures:
1. Entry fee $30.00
2. Entries will close on August 30th, 2023, at 6 pm EDT
3. Only Electronic Entries on a standard entry form will be accepted
      (link to the 'Premium' and the entry site to be announced)
4. Entries will be acknowledged shortly following closing by email

Additional information
1.Following the closing of entries, the participants will receive by email a listing of the prospective judges for the event. The designated owner will be requested to place the prospective judges in order of preference and return the form to the MVSBC for tabulation. The Committee will employ the results of the vote to conduct the judging assignments.
2. Entrants, Judges, and Facilitators will attend a meeting the evening before the event to review the procedures for the event.
3. The Blue Ridge Stakes is tentatively scheduled to be held outdoors on Wednesday September 27th, 2023, at approximately Noon.
4. The announcement of a judge to a particular class will occur in the Show Ring one hour before the start of Judging.

If interested in entering this event, send
your email to this address today,
entry forms will be available soon: