Each event below lists the remaining available seats. This is a real time number based on room capacity and current registrations () Events listed below marked with an '*' are free events. Registration for passes is now closed but if you have a pass already you may still sign up for events.

Sunday 9-24-2023

Blindfolded Hands on Evaluation with Paul
Presented By Paul Bodeving - 2:30 PM - Conformation Ring (-1 Seats Available)

Take a blindfolded guided tour of a dog with your tour guide Paul Bodeving. Feel what the judge feels without any visual aid. A blindfolded explanation of Dog Anatomy. What’s right and What’s not explained. Understand the what and why a judge feels when judging and learn how to evaluate your own dogs with your hands.


Leslie and Kristen Scissorhands’ Beginners Scissoring
Presented By Kristen Ciavarro & Leslie Bevins - 4:00 PM - Hess Shelter (56 Seats Available)

A beginner’s course on Scissoring
  - types and usage of scissors
  - basic concepts

New Exhibitor Club
Hosted by Brandi Brown - Lakeview Patio - 6:30 PM - 7PM (75 Seats Available)

New Exhibitor Club

SBCA Welcome Party **
Lakeview Patio 7:00 PM - $10.00/Per Person - (7 Seats Available)

Please join us Sunday September 24th from 7:00 - 9:00 pm on the beautiful Oglebay, Wilson Lodge’s Lakeview Patio. Enjoy the stunning view and fire pits while enjoying live music provided by club members. Assorted Domestic and Premium International Cheese trays with assorted crackers, flatbreads and a vegetable crudité plus… Cash bar. Also a limited supply of 2023 SBCA National Specialty relabeled wine will be available for a donation first offered at the Welcome Party. Sure to sell out. Don’t miss out on the best party of the year!


Monday 9-25-2023

Saint Soundness and Structure
Presented By Dr. Dave Trachtenberg - 7:00 PM - Shenandoah Room (21 Seats Available)

Part 1 - Theory Saint Soundness and Structure - how do you get it all? Breeders often find themselves thinking that they have to make a choice. Do they breed to a Sound dog or a Beautiful one? Dr. David Trachtenberg will explain how the theory of why Structure affects Soundness.


Perspective of a Breeder Vet
Presented By Dr. Dave Trachtenberg - 8:00 PM - Shenandoah Room (33 Seats Available)

Part 2 - Application and Q & A Perspective of a Breeder Vet Get the Perspective and Experience of Dr. David Trachtenberg of Opdyke Kennel who will provide insight into how you have both Soundness, Structure and Beauty.


Tuesday 9-26-2023

Saint Stroll
Led By Liz Snyder & Evelyn Dixon 3:00 PM (55 Places Available)

Take a break from the hours of grooming and chaos of the week to enjoy nature in a fun filled hike around the Oglebey resort …and stop halfway for some homemade Ice Cream at the Farmhouse Treats and Sweets Shop. Take in the sights of West Virginia’s famous fall colors with numerous photo opportunities, and most importantly get to spend time with your dogs and fellow fanciers new and old!


State of the St. Bernard Town Hall
Breeder's Town Hall Meeting 5:00 PM (14 Seats Available)
Facilitators: Jeff & Darcy Petersen

A large group discussion on various topics and obstacles today’s breeders face. Some of the discussions points will include advent of social media and how it affects breeding and puppy sales, discuss puppy and stud fee contracts, and various other topics. We hope the audience will consist of new and seasoned members to discuss past, present and future experiences and ideas. The Panel: Jeff Petersen, our President Marty Glover, Kristi Libsack Western Governor, Lynn Jech Central Governor and Pam Predmore Eastern Governor.

Blue Ridge Stakes Meeting
For all those who have entered the Blue Ridge Stakes - 7:00 PM Shenandoah Room

Pre-Show meeting for all those who have entered the Blue Ridge Stakes

Saint Jeopardy
Saint Jeopardy 9:00 PM (39 Seats Available)
Art Shook - Glassworks

Saint Bernard Jeopardy! It’s the National Specialty game that will provide a competitive atmosphere, a few laughs and you might even learn a little about our breed. Come join the fun with old & new friends for an evening of good times, good people and lasting memories.

Wednesday 9-27-2023

Judges Education
Presented By Paul Bodeving - 10:00 AM Allegheny Room (80 Seats Available)

Judges Education

Jerry Wallin's Puzzle of Proportions
Presented By Bob Sykora and Jeff Petersen. Special commentary - Ivan Palmblad
3:30 PM - Shenandoah Room (26 Seats Available)


The Wallin family have been gracious enough to donate to the SBCA, Jerry’s actual cut-out life sized puzzle that he presented all over the US and abroad. It will be permanently kept in the SBCA library for safe keeping. For one last time it will be brought out for this presentation to show alongside the new digital conversion that Karen Bodeving talked Bob into doing :-). At the conclusion of this program the digital version will travel back to our SBCA library and be available to clubs if they so wish. We will encourage audience participation throughout this program.

Top 20 **
Coordinator - Elizabeth Salewsky - 6:00 PM Ballroom (22 Seats Available)

The Saint Bernard Club of America offers a Top Twenty Invitational to showcase excellence in Saint Bernards by presenting the best dogs and bitches in the country in one place at the same time. This Is an event of the SBCA National Specialty And Is an avenue for educating judges, exhibitors, breeders, And fanciers. The event offers all who attend a chance to view the top dogs in competitive standing for the previous twelve-month period which Is June 1st to May 31st.
Using a scale of points, each dog is evaluated by three judges according to how closely it conforms to the breed standard. This procedure is not available at any point show And allows spectators an opportunity to evaluate the dogs And score them at the same time to chose a 'People’s Choice'.
The Judges are a Saint Bernard judge, approved To judge St Bernards, a breeder with at least 10 years in the breed And has bred at least 5 champions And a multi breed judge. This event Is in a formal setting but with a relaxed atmosphere that Is enjoyable for all.

Dinner will be an Italian Market Buffet (Caesar Salad, Sliced Tomatoes, Onions, Mozzarella, Basil, Olive Oil, Balsamic Vinegar, Diced Watermelon with Balsamic Vinegar, Rigatoni Bolognese, Chicken Marsala, Baked Cod Puttanesca, Roasted Seasonal Vegetables, Wild Mushroom Risotto, Focaccia Bread, Tiramisu, Lemon Tarts, Lemonade, Iced Tea, Coffee (Reg. & Decaf.) and assorted Herbal Teas.)

Thursday 9-28-2023

A Conversation with Cache Retreat, Opdyke and Van Rijn
Moderators - Jeff Petersen & Doug Fisher - 3:00 PM - Fort Henry Room (1 Seats Available)

For the serious breeders, exhibitors or Judges of the Saint Bernard this will be an opportunity for an intimate chat with three individuals that have over 150 years combined experience with the Breed. Jeff Petersen and Doug Fisher will host this hard-hitting probing session with the founders of Cache Retreat, Opdyke and Van Rijn Kennels. Expect to gain insight into how these kennels produced over five hundred American Kennel Club Champions and won the Saint Bernard Club of American National Specialty more than anyone. Reserve your seat early as space will be limited to allow personal interactions with the attendees. Once registered, please submit your potential questions to either Jeff or Doug.


Tack Swap on the Mountain Top
Coordinator Jennifer Berry - 5 to 7 PM and 8:30 to 10 PM - Alleganey Room (0 Seats Available)

~When in doubt, swap it out! Thursday, September 28, 2023 in an Ogleby Resort Conference room we will be holding a Tack Swap. Bring along your gently used dog show equipment, grooming gear, etc. that you no longer need or want and swap it with a fellow fancier for something you DO want or simply sell or give away to a good home. Set your own prices, have fun and get or give a new treasure. Get a free table set up space when you register for the 2023 SBCA National Speciality! Questions please contact: Jennifer Berry: saintmom@msn.com Michelle Cole: mscole12@msn.com

The Influence of High Chateau Kennel on the Saint Bernard breed in the US *
Presented By Bob Sykora & Jeff Petersen - 7:00 PM - Fort Henry Room (19 Seats Available)
This event is Co-Sponsored by the SBCA and the Northern Illinois Saint Bernard Club


This event is Co-Sponsored by the SBCA and the Northern Illinois Saint Bernard Club, and will count for educational/national credits. Our goal is to put together a historical tribute to High Chateau Kennels. We will highlight breedings to High Chateau males that changed and enhanced breeding programs in the US. This will be more than just pictures on slides - although there will be plenty of those. We will have guests who can describe, in their own words, the dams, the High Chateau sires they choose to breed to and why. Also, most importantly the offspring produced. The essence of breeding. We will then tie that into the current pedigrees out in the ring today.

Juniors Movie Night
Hosted by Shayln Williams - 8:30 PM - Shenandoah Room - (50 Seats Available)

Junior’s Movie Night

Friday 9-29-2023

Adventures in Stewarding
Led by Dawna Kale - 1:30 PM - Conformation Ring - (22 Seats Available)

  Lynn Jech (lynn.jech@gmail.com )
  Pam Dixon Predmore (predix@comcast.net)
  Dawna Kale (kevink418@yahoo.com
  Vic Dingus (vdingus@gmail.com)
  Tom Nuss (nusstj@comcast.net)

Meeting length: 1 hour
  - Exhibiting at dog shows
  - Thinking about becoming a judge?
  - Wanting to give back to the sport?
  - Know that it is fun but serious

Topics to include:
  - Setting up the judge’s table (pre- and post-COVID restrictions)
  - Handling ribbons and trophies
  - Marking the catalog/Steward’s book
  - Taking care of the exhibitors, armbands
  - Taking care of the judge

After attending the seminar, you will be able to sign up to apprentice as a steward in the show ring with scheduled Chief Ring Stewards during the Pre-shows or National Specialty. Preference will be given to those persons seriously considering becoming a Saint Bernard Judge since this will count as credit toward your first breed application.

Inside National Specialty Show Winners Exposé
Presented by Carolyn Trachtenberg - 3:00 PM - Allegehny Room (35 Seats Available)

A humorous look at the personalities of some of the National Champion dogs, breeders and handlers. Enjoy a behind the scenes look, hosted by Carolyn Trachtenberg, at the personalities, quirks and funny stories behind a National Champion.


Annual Dinner **
Coordinator Marilyn Balikowski - 5:30 PM - Glessner Auditorium $55.00 - (43 Seats Available)

The SBCA’s Annual Banquet held on Friday evening. Steak, Chicken or Salmon, all Include: Salad, Entrée, Roasted Seasonal Vegetables, Dessert Table, Iced Tea, Lemonade, Coffee (Reg. & Decaf. and Assorted Herbal Teas) and Dessert Table selections: Tiramisu, Triple Chocolate cake, and Cheesecake (split in thirds – first come first served). There is also a Vegetarian option - Chef’s Choice, and a Childrens meal of Chicken Fingers. If you want Gluten free with you meal please contact Doug Fisher by email at dfisher25@rochester.rr.com

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